Christ Crosssing the Gibber Desert at Night

At the beginning of Jesus’ public life, after He was baptised by John, Jesus goes into the desert for forty days and forty nights. Hungry and alone He is tempted by the devil… “turn these stones into bread… worship me and I will give you the kingdoms of the world”… what is the significance of Jesus going into the desert?

Was it not in the desert that He gained the strength and resolve the clarity and purpose to pursue the mission assigned to Him by God?? Away from society where He could have uninterrupted dialogue with God. The Desert or wilderness feature often in the Bible… Moses lead the Chosen people into the wilderness after escaping from slavery in Egypt.

Again the great prophet Elijah lived in the desert for some time with only the raven to bring him food and further there is the early Christian meditative tradition of the desert fathers… Saint Anthony, Cassian and such like.

Jesus taught us that God is our loving father…God created everything and created us in his own likeness. That we need to acknowledge God and build our relationship with Him. In relationship with our father we need to listen and the best way to listen is to be quiet and still. The desert compels us to silence.