Terry Ffyffe

The Artist

Terry Ffyffe was born in Melbourne Australia. He is the eldest of eleven children. Educated by the Marist Brothers at St Josephs College he studied Art at Swineburne University under Jeffrey Makin and Roger Kemp. After living the bohemian life of a painter in Carlton, extensive travels in the Australian Outback and several solo exhibitions Terry Ffyffe came to England to study the “Old Masters” of European Painting at first hand.

Unknown in England Terry painted portraits to support himself while he developed his uniquely expressive style eventually coming to the attention of the art critics, Edward Lucie Smith and the late Daniel Farson who introduced him to the world of Francis Bacon and the “London school”. Terry won a number of National competitions including the Discerning Eye before he was taken up by the Lamont Gallery.

Terry has explored a number of themes in painting including the nude, landscape, portraiture and allegorical works… he now concentrates on Religious Painting.